Monday, August 29, 2011

Oreo Cake Balls

I first discovered cake balls a few years ago when my good friend Larissa used to make them and bring them to our office. She made all different kinds of flavors. So far the only ones I've tried myself are chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and the oreo balls....which are my favorite (and the easiest). I made these for Hannah and Hunters birthday party at school last week and they were a hit. You can coat them in chocolate or vanilla candy coating, I opted for vanilla because I had never tried it. This time I discovered the best way to dip is with a small toothpick, instead of a fork, or your fingers...I've tried both:) I opted for chocolate sprinkles, which were great because they covered up any imperfections that the toothpick left in the top of the ball. You can drizzle chocolate over the top, coat with sprinkles or just leave alone. The most important part to remember is to make sure the balls are chilled prior to dipping them in the chocolate (I stick mine in the freezer for about an hour prior to dipping). This will keep them from breaking apart when you dip them. Enjoy!

You will need:

-1 full package of oreo cookies

-8 0z softened cream cheese

-1 package vanilla or chocolate bark candy coating

*sprinkles if desired

*Put the entire package of oreos into a food processor (go ahead and steal a few to snack on first)

*Grind oreos in the food processor until they are fine crumbs

*Mix in SOFTENED cream cheese with the oreo crumbs (I have to use my hands and a large spoon to smash it all together

*Stick the oreo/cream cheese mixture in the fridge for 15-30 minutes to chill

*Take out chilled oreo mixture and form into small balls

*Stick balls in the freezer for about an hour on a cookie sheet to harden up before dipping

*Heat chocolate bark according to directions and dip oreo balls into chocolate to coat...chocolate will set after just a few minutes so if you are doing sprinkles now is the time!

*Let cool for a few minutes on a cookie sheet (I line with non-stick foil), then store in fridge

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