Monday, June 6, 2011

Orange Sugar Donut Holes

I was watching food network a few weeks ago and saw this recipe on Sunny Anderson's Cooking for Real show......she made these things sound so good I had to try them. I promise we don't eat stuff like this all the time, or we would be diabetic. But....I've got a sweet tooth. The recipe says they are best served warm, but I saved the leftovers and I had them for breakfast the next morning with my coffee. I think they were almost better the next day! Use a brown paper bag to shake the donut holes in, it absorbs the oil from the fryer. (Remember to ask the bagger for one next time you grocery shop). I opted to use my deep fryer and they were ready in just a few easy.

You will need:

-1 orange, zested

-2 cups sugar, you could easily use a little less

-1/4 tsp cinnamon

-1 container (8 count) buttermilk biscuits (I used Grand's)

-VEGETABLE oil for frying

*Place orange zest, sugar, and cinnamon in brown paper bag and shake to combine

*Place oil in deep pan until it comes about halfway up the side. Heat to 350. Or, you can just use your deep fryer if you have one

*Slice biscuit dough into quarters and roll into balls

*Working in batches, place balls into hot oil and fry until golden brown about 6-8 minutes. If you are using a deep fryer, they will be done in about 4 minutes

*Transfer hot donuts to paper bag and shake to coat with orange sugar. Serve warm...or cold!

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