Sunday, July 4, 2010


I got this yummy recipe out of a slow-cooker recipe book that I had gotten several years ago. I love this dish because its super easy, and doesn't require a lot of time or ingredients. I will definitely be doing more things in my crockpot from now on....I love the idea of turning it on, and then not having to worry about it until you're ready to eat! Not to mention, this dish will make the whole house smell so yummy!

You will need:
-2 cups cooked chicken***I ALWAYS CHEAT AND USE A WHOLE ROTISSERIE CHICKEN (just shred it up yourself)
-1 can cream of mushroom soup
-1 can cream of chicken soup
-2 soup cans of water
-4 teaspoons of all purpose flour
-2 teaspoons of chicken bouillon granules
-1/2 tsp of black pepper (I use a little less for the kids)
-1 can of refrigerated buttermilk biscuits 8ct (I used Grands)

-Add all the ingredients, except biscuits, into the crock-pot and stir together
-Cut biscuits into quarters and gently stir into mixture *for some reason I usually only use 7 biscuits...I guess I run out of room*
-Cover and cook on LOW 4-6 hours


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