Monday, January 23, 2012

Spicy Ranch Crackers

I found this recipe via pinterest and made them for snacks on New Years Day. Let me warn you, these can be seriously addidictive. I literally snacked on these things for three days straight. You can add as little or as much of the red pepper flakes as you want...mine had a little kick to them, but not too spicy. These would be perfect for superbowl or any kind of party. Store in an airtight container or ziploc bag.

You will need:

-1 cup canola oil

-1 packet ranch dressing packet

-2-3 tablespoons red pepper flakes (I used about 2 1/2)

-3 to 4 sleeves of saltine crackers

*Mix all ingredients in a large bowl (for about 5 minutes with your hands) until crackers are very well coated

*Spread out crackers on large baking sheet and pour any remaining oil mixture that's in the bottom of the bowl over crackers

*Bake at 250 for 15-20 minutes, stirring halfway through

*Let them cool on baking sheet before storing (Or, if you're like me, just start eating them now)

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